Cybersecurity and
Networking for Manufacturing

Cyber espionage in the manufacturing industry
keeps growing, but a resilient, redundant network design
will keep your infrastructure safe and secure

From factory shutdowns, plummeting sales and labor layoffs, the upheavals the pandemic delivered to the manufacturing industry have finally abated. But the recovery has introduced a new set of challenges, including the search for skilled labor, supply chain delays and increased customer demand.
But one constant threat throughout this entire period has been the proliferation of corporate cyber espionage. And the hackers who are searching for proprietary data, records and other company secrets for competitors or even governments can be half a world away, or right in the company that’s being spied on.

As substantial as these ever-increasing cyberespionage threats are to the manufacturing industry, they can be effectively thwarted by advanced Cybersecurity and Networking services. We help companies assess and strengthen their cybersecurity posture, while implementing technical solutions that fully align with their organizational goals.

How We Can Help

Clearly see your security posture and reduce your network’s vulnerability to attacks


Cyber espionage is an especially insidious crime as it can be conducted right under the company management’s nose, by one or more of its employees. And now that economies are roaring back, and competition is as fierce as ever, the use of cyber espionage has become an even more dangerous threat to the company’s secrets, and its profits. These hackers most often seek access through appliances such as IoT devices, WiFi, and others that connect to the company’s environment.

We mitigate dangers to your network by exposing weaknesses, and providing remedies, through our penetration testing, vulnerability management and threat detection services. We also provide configuration hardening, patch management and other solutions to attacks on your network.
During penetration testing, our experienced security experts relentlessly seek to exploit system vulnerabilities and enter your network. Then our white hats go back on to help you shore up exposed weaknesses.

The most effective response, no matter the incident


Because a manufacturing company’s locations are usually spread out, and the managers and teams heavily depend on remote devices, the industry is particularly susceptible to breaches and cyberattacks such as cyber espionage, as well as ransomware, phishing, and other avenues of attack. We protect against these advanced threats with continuous real time monitoring capabilities, coupled with the most effective ways to respond.

So even if some employees work halfway around the world, your information will be as safe as if they were working right down the hall. And no matter what the incident, you’ll deliver the most effective response to protect your data, your company, and your reputation. In short, your best endpoint protection begins with HIFENCE.

Develop customized, compliant Cybersecurity and Networking Architecture for your manufacturing company


Delivery shortages. Reliance on machine intelligence. Reshoring. And the ever-present need for the most skilled workers. In such a fluid environment, how can a manufacturer stay ahead, and safe and secure? HIFENCE advises you, step by step, on creating a customized architecture for your unique environment and specific business goals. We develop flexible, scalable and cost-effective roadmaps for improving your security posture and keeping your network, your staff and your data safe.

What Will
You Get

24/7 Monitoring

Your business is 24/7, and so is HIFENCE’s continuous scrutiny of your infrastructure. We protect your company from sophisticated cyber espionage and other threats with continuous real-time monitoring capabilities, coupled with the most effective ways to respond. So you can sleep well at night knowing we’re working every shift to protect your company.

Your Roadmap to Success

The Architecture Framework that best serves your specific business’ Cybersecurity and Networking needs is one built around your business goals and requirements. It can then better serve as a roadmap for your IT system’s current and future operational needs. We will deliver a detailed roadmap showing how HIFENCE cybersecurity architecture will strengthen your cybersecurity posture and help you achieve your business goals.

A Trusted Partner

Beyond the issues of rising taxes, skilled labor shortages and increased demand, there are entirely new categories of threats and dangers in the form of cybercriminals targeting the proprietary information held by a manufacturer. With HIFENCE you’ll have a team of experienced and trusted Cybersecurity and Networking experts focused on protecting your data and your well-earned reputation.

A Holistic Approach

We will develop a holistic Cybersecurity strategy to ensure that your network’s confidentiality, continuity and integrity are protected. Your company, your data and your staff, no matter where they are, will be more secure from the threats the manufacturing industry faces, such as breaches that enable criminals to acquire a company’s most valuable data.



Managed SIEM

Collects all relevant infrastructure data and pinpoints a security searchlight precisely on the data needed for you to make the fastest and smartest decisions. Find out more

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Detects threats, such as from a phishing attack to on your far-flung staff, and conducts forensics so your response will be rapid and highly effective. Find out more

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

No matter where in the world your staff is located, they will be protected from virtually all forms of cyberattacks as if they were working right down the hall from you. Find out more

Vulnerability Management

Provides insights on how your infrastructure performs, from a cybersecurity perspective. Find out more

Penetration Testing

HIFENCE professionals act like hackers to expose weaknesses in your system, and provide solutions to fix them. Find out more

Architecture Services

Advises companies on developing customized, compliant Architecture for both Cybersecurity and Networking. Find out more

Consulting & Professional Services

Expert advice from professionals with decades of experience in network infrastructure and cybersecurity for manufacturing companies. Find out more

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