Discover vulnerabilities before attackers do

Improve your Laravel security against various vulnerabilities by thoroughly testing for all the OWASP Top-10 critical security flaws and more.

I used HIFENCE to investigate and strengthen the security for an application I developed. I can warmly recommend this company, they are very trustworthy, and incredibly knowledgeable in the field of Security and Pentesting.

Jesper Nissen

AI SaaS Startup

Getting to the heart of your security concerns

HIFENCE Laravel penetration testing is designed to provide clear insights into your website’s security posture. Here’s how we tackle key security questions:

Can an attacker gain access to my website?

We conduct real-world attack simulations to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in your website. Our goal is to identify and fortify potential entry points, ensuring robust defense against unauthorized access.

Can one user see the information of another user?

We meticulously evaluate the integrity of user roles and data access protocols. Our focus is to ensure that confidential information remains secure and accessible only to authorized users.

Can a lower privileged role gain access to more permissions?

We evaluate your role-based access controls, ensuring that each user level operates within its defined boundaries. By identifying potential escalations in privileges, we help you maintain strict control over who can access what on your site.

Can a customer tamper with the site’s parameters, perhaps to purchase an item for free?

Our testing checks for vulnerabilities in your site’s transactional mechanisms and parameter settings to protect against exploitation. This ensures that your e-commerce platform is also secure against manipulations that could impact your revenue and reputation.

Wondering if you need a pentest? Let’s break it down

Using Laravel for your credit card transactions? You need a penetration test to meet PCI-DSS standards and be compliant. Check out the PCI Security Standards Council for the lowdown on why these standards are your business’s best friends.

Beyond PCI-DSS: Our tests don’t just keep you in line with PCI-DSS. They also help you meet other standards and regulations such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), ISO 27001 and others – without the headache. 

Holistic security approach: By choosing our pentest services, you’re not only checking a compliance box. You’re also taking a proactive step towards fortifying your digital defenses.

Advanced pentesting by certified experts


Laravel specialization

Customized focus

Unlike generalist cybersecurity companies, HIFENCE is laser-focused on Laravel. Our pentesters are not just experts in security; they’re specifically trained to uncover vulnerabilities unique to Laravel applications.

Proven experience

With over 100+ Laravel sites successfully pentested, we understand the nuances of Laravel security better than anyone.

Comprehensive support from testing to remediation

Beyond testing

After completing a penetration test, we don’t just hand over a report and move on. HIFENCE offers a FREE remediation check and re-test, ensuring not only the identification but also the resolution of vulnerabilities.

Threat modeling expertise

Our threat modeling framework isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s custom-built for Laravel, providing more relevant and effective security strategies.

Trusted by industry leaders

We're the go-to for top Laravel sites with over 10 million daily users

Our client base spans across critical sectors including banking, insurance, high tech, retail, healthcare, government, and IoT.

Your security, our priority

We’re not just about finding problems; we’re about making partnerships in security. Our commitment to excellence makes us a trusted partner for many of the world’s most demanding organizations.

About our team

With years of specialized experience under our belts, we excel in Laravel penetration testing, application security, and comprehensive Laravel site protection, including DDoS mitigation and more. Our experts, certified in OSCP and OSCE, are committed to excellence in protecting your digital realm.       

We’re not just about ticking boxes; we set the bar high. Because when it comes to safeguarding your digital world, we believe you deserve nothing less than top-notch expertise and a team that truly cares.

Our pentesting process

Wondering how we enhance your digital security at HIFENCE? It’s a blend of expertise, strategy, and thorough testing. Our penetration testing process is a systematic approach designed to deeply evaluate and strengthen your Laravel site’s defenses. Here’s a quick overview of our five-step method – a proven formula to ensure your site’s integrity and security.



Planning & Reconnaissance: your custom game plan

Let’s talk strategy: First things first, we sit down with you to figure out what you need. We define the pentest’s scope and goals to make sure we’re on the same page.

Doing our homework: We then dig into your system or network to identify potential vulnerabilities. It’s all about knowing where to look and what to look for.


Scanning: the detective work

Next up, we scan your system to uncover anything that could be an open invitation to hackers. Think of it as a full-body scan for your network.


Gaining access: playing the hacker

Here, we put on our hacker hats. We use those vulnerabilities we found to see how someone with bad intentions might get in. We simulate an attacker’s approach, providing real-world insights into how your system might be breached. 



Maintaining access: staying undercover

Breaking in is one thing, but staying undetected is another. This step shows us how your system handles advanced persistent threats.


Analysis & Reporting: wrapping it up

The final step involves compiling our findings into a report that actually makes sense. This not only includes highlighting vulnerabilities but also providing clear recommendations for improvement.

Let’s Get Started

  • Comprehensive site analysis including spidering and directory brute forcing
  • Laravel scan, DDoS mitigation checks, and logic flaw detection
  • Thorough testing for injection flaws, malicious uploads, and remote code execution
  • In-depth password and authentication mechanism testing
  • Advanced session attacks, including hijacking, fixation, and spoofing attempts
  • Customized tests tailored to your site’s unique content and code
  • PLUS: A free Digital Footprint Exposure Assessment, revealing your company’s online footprint and vulnerabilities for a well-rounded security perspective.