HIFENCE helps financial services company implement Zero Trust on both its on-prem and cloud structure



The client wanted to implement a networking segmentation strategy to protect their assets. They chose a Zero Trust solution as the best approach. Realizing the complexity of Zero Trust, they looked for a skilled cybersecurity partner.


Client Profile


  • Company: US-based financial services company
  • Workforce: 100+ employees
  • Industry: Financial services

Our Solutions


Identify Business Requirements

We started by understanding the customer’s needs and aligning with their business requirements. Together, we designed and refined a new architecture.

Implement Zero Trust

We implemented Zero Trust for both on-premises and cloud environments, tailored to the client’s needs for seamless integration.

Continuous Alignment

Throughout the process, we ensured that all solutions were aligned with the customer’s business objectives, providing a robust and secure IT framework.


The Results


Enhanced Security

With our help, the client significantly improved their security by integrating Zero Trust across all environments. This approach ensures that every access request is verified, reducing the risk of breaches.

Cost Efficiency

Implementing Zero Trust streamlined their security operations, eliminating redundant systems and reducing costs associated with managing multiple security solutions.

Operational Benefits

The integrated Zero Trust architecture improved operational efficiency, simplifying management and enhancing protection.


“HIFENCE exceeded our expectations. The Zero Trust implementation was seamless and aligned perfectly with our stakeholders’ goals. Great work!” — CISO

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