HIFENCE helps crypto company stop DDoS attack, saving $10,000/day



The client faced a critical challenge: an ongoing DDoS attack costing them $10,000 daily. This financial loss was severely impacting their business. They urgently needed to stop the attack and ensure it wouldn’t happen again.


Client Profile


  • Company: US-based crypto website with more than 1 million monthly visitors
  • Workforce: 20+ employees
  • Industry: Crypto

Our Solutions


Implementing an Anti-DDoS Solution

We helped the client select and implement an anti-DDoSsolution. The solution provided robust protection by filtering out malicious traffic before it could reach their network, significantly enhancing their defense against future attacks.

Re-architecting Application Infrastructure

We also helped re-architect critical parts of their application infrastructure that had been vulnerable to the DDoS attack. By redesigning these elements, we strengthened their overall cybersecurity posture, making their systems more resilient and reducing the risk of similar incidents in the future.


The Results


Rapid Response

We stopped the DDoS attack within 24 hours, allowing the client to resume normal operations quickly.

Increased Security

With our guidance, the client’s digital environment became much more secure, protecting them from future threats.

Significant Savings

By stopping the DDoS attack, the client saved over $10,000 per day, which had been lost due to the disruptions.


“Thank you so much for the help! You are now our go-to for any cybersecurity questions or issues.” — Owner

Ready to Secure Your Future?


If you’re looking to protect your business from cyber attacks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you secure your infrastructure and safeguard your assets. Your business’s security and financial stability are our top priorities.

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