All We Do Is Protect
All That You Do.

HIFENCE provides cybersecurity and networking services that make your company safer and more secure. That’s all we do, so you can concentrate on all the things that you do best. While knowing that HIFENCE has your back.

It’s simple:
We uncomplicate cybersecurity,
making it easier for you
to focus on your company.


Unlike a lot of companies, we keep things simple, clear and understandable for our clients.
We accomplish this with our promise to always be forthright and transparent,
with our deep, decades-long expertise, and with our full range of cybersecurity and networking services. Do you and your company’s security deserve anything less?

Cybersecurity experts
you can trust to protect
your company and
secure its success.


Today, your company faces unprecedented challenges — from global
competition and demanding customers, to disruptive technologies.

But perhaps your most crucial issue is how to protect your business from
security incidents — because if that’s compromised, all the other
challenges might not even matter.

No one understands that reality better than we do. That’s why, at
HIFENCE, networking and cybersecurity are all we do. All to keep your
company safe and secure, and to keep you sleeping well at night.

Best-in-class technologies, expertise and services

Even the best technologies can’t prevent today’s complex cyberattacks. So we combine technology with our deep expertise, experience and knowledge to protect against attacks and preserve your security and network operations.

24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring

We ensure your critical assets and data are secured through real-time and continuous monitoring, threat-hunting, vulnerability scans and incident management and response.

Custom-tailored to your unique business

No two businesses are alike. That’s why we are not relying solely on automation or generic procedures. Instead, we match your security objectives and roadmaps with business objectives, all to turn cybersecurity into an invaluable business enabler.

Actionable – and understandable – cybersecurity insights

Unlike other top MSSP providers, we pride ourselves in always being clear and transparent. No jargon and no hype – just honest and productive discussions about your needs, and the roadmaps to accomplish them.


You need to stay laser focused on your
core business. Keeping it secure it is ours.
Here’s how we do it for you.

Managed Firewall Services

The Firewall is your most basic protection against data breaches, yet it’s one of the most complicated to manage. But HIFENCE Managed Firewall provides day-to-day management of your firewall operations, administration, monitoring and maintenance.

Managed SIEM Services

If there’s a security breach in your logs, HIFENCE Advanced SIEM puts a searchlight precisely on what you need to see. And to be sure you make the right decisions, our Managed SIEM collects all relevant infrastructure logs.

Managed EDR Services

Your best endpoint protection begins with HIFENCE. So no matter where your staff is, they’ll be as safe as if they were working down the hall, being fully protected against ransomware, data exfiltration, phishing, and other avenues of attack.

Managed Network Services

HIFENCE Managed Network Services supports every area of infrastructure/device management, so that your infrastructure is up to the minute. Plus, HIFENCE experts are always here for you, 24/7.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

To help protect your company from cyberattacks of ever-increasing sophistication, HIFENCE Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring of your environment. Our security engineers perform threat detection, triaging and forensics, so you’ll be able to respond rapidly and efficiently.

Vulnerability Management Services

HIFENCE provides accurate, powerful vulnerability monitoring and detection services to keep your IT infrastructure safe from both internal and external threats. It also keeps you in compliance with major standards and frameworks like HIPAA or PCI.

Penetration Testing Services

No organization, large or small, is immune to sophisticated ransomware attacks. One of your best defenses is knowing just how secure your defenses actually are — which is what HIFENCE Penetration Testing provides.

Security Architecture Services

HIFENCE Cybersecurity and Network Architecture Services advise you, step by step, on creating a customized architecture for your unique environment and specific business goals.

IT Consulting Services

HIFENCE experts are here to answer and solve whatever questions, concerns or challenges you have about Cybersecurity or Networking. No issue is too small or too large for HIFENCE professionals to help you resolve.

Not sure where

to start?


You don’t need to be a cybersecurity maven to know that your company needs to be protected in the best ways it can.
So let’s talk.
We promise there’ll be no jargon, and no hype. Just an honest and productive discussion about your needs, and our solutions.