Penetration Testing

Acting like ruthless hackers, HIFENCE
professionals expose system weaknesses and
provide solutions to fix them.

Key Features:

  • Our expert Penetration Testing process is designed to fully examine and understand every vulnerability in your system — which also satisfies compliance requirements
  • We do everything that malevolent hackers are capable of doing to try to gain unauthorized access
  • As weaknesses are found, we rapidly recommend and help implement the appropriate solutions and fixes
  • We are continuously proactive with Penetration Testing, to be sure that all your defenses are indeed fully defending your system
  • While Vulnerability Scans are also vital, our Penetration Testing goes further by actually seeking to exploit weaknesses — so you’re doubly protected
  • HIFENCE Penetration Testing is one of the best investments you can make to assure that your business — and its reputation — are never damaged by a ransomware or similar attack